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Background wallBackground wall
Acrylic mirror sheet is a common alternative to glass and is used in environments where safety is paramount. It is easy to be cut by laser machine and CNC.
Applications include wall sticker, vanity mirror, furniture mirror and many decorative DIY projects. 


Anti-epidemic baffleAnti-epidemic baffle
Clear acrylic sheet is widely used as sneeze guard on the table and counter.


Unlike glass, acrylic sheet is much lighter and not easy to break out. It is suitable to be used as office table barrier and school table barrier.


Advertising panelAdvertising panel
Acrylic sheet application in advertisement has been years. It covers light box, signboard, indicator, display, etc.


Makeup mirrorMakeup mirror
More and more vanity mirror suppliers choose acrylic mirror sheet instead of glass. It is light, high definition and easy to process.


Cosmetic boxCosmetic box
Makeup box, shoe keeping box, display box, keepsake box, etc are all popular made from acrylic materials.


Wall StickerWall Sticker
Mirror acrylic sheet has more 30 colors and has good mirror reflection. Creative wall decoration sticker can be used in living room porch, TV background, home decoration and bathroom.


Acrylic sheet is available for laser cutting, hot bend, gluing, polishing and printing. 


Photo framePhoto frame
Transparent acrylic sheet is used for photo frame panel. Sheet surface can be glossy and anti dazzle and anti-reflex to show good image.

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